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As within, so without; as above, so below - Emerald tablet: pre 6th century
What is the pattern that connects the crab to the lobster and the primrose to the orchid,
and all of them to me, and me to you? - Gregory Bateson, 1973








of Compassion



Surrounded by feedback and bad news from the overstretched world we live in, its easy to feel lonely, worn out, disillusioned, sad, locked in old patterns, or condemned by our personal biography – and alienated from the vibrancy and flow of life.


what if the world is encouraging us towards new patterns, different opportunities,and alternative experiences?

What if its well-being and our own depend on our participating meaningfully and whole-heartedly in the bountiful flow of being alive?

Self and World is…

   For many of us...

Sensing that there must be more to life…

Wanting to be part of the solution – if only we could just find it…

Feeling burned out from trying to ‘push the river’ for too long…

Dissatisfied, distressed or disconnected


            an opportunity......

Experience ourselves as part of a system that Self-regulates

Receive the information offered to us in ways that indicate the contribution we can make

Investigate our unique physicality, emotions and thoughts as vital parts of the Whole

Join with others to translate this vitality into meaningful personal and social change


 an invitation.......

Lend our attention, creativity, energy, passion and awareness to the process of evolution itself and to experience the flow giving it back.

Connect, find meaning, engage purposefully, allow life in. belong.      

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