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Living from the Inside Out:
Self and World @ Okuti Garden


If you are involved, inspired, concerned or called by the world's feedback

- environmental, social, cultural, community or personal - you'll know it can be both inspiring and transformational, and often enraging, overwhelming, or simply burns us out.  This weekend is for us.


Self and World offers tools and insights for a simple yet profound shift in our awareness. This frees us to engage on very different terms, bringing our individual gifts and interests to better serve the whole in our own uniquely purposeful ways.


To make sense of our complex world, we bring ourselves to meet it. Our senses, feelings and thinking unfold a world dynamic with patterns, systems and intelligence.  Our species' greatest learning has always come from paying attention to and working with these patterns and systems. Lately we have been forgetting, and living as if we are not part of these patterns. We re-discover these through our own, moment-by-moment living experience, a distinct yet not separate expression of the whole.


Living apart is hard work: you're invited to reconnect.


Self and World explores this inter-connected intelligence as an aliveness that involves both inner experience – self – and outer expression – world - in a system rich with information, opportunities, limits and feedback. This is powerfully immediate, rich and vital, alerting us to challenges, needs and opportunities. Ultimately, the world itself reinforces our sense of joy, being and purpose.


Engaging an ecosystem is Life work: you're invited to participate.


Neurobiologist Dan Siegal says: “If Self continues to be defined as a singular noun, the planet is cooked”. Self and World introduces practical techniques, practices and exercises, in and outdoors, that demystify such ideas and reopen a path towards a new Self-definition.


This has been called “the re-enchantment of the world”:  you're invited to belong.











Self and World combines personal development with ecological understanding to enable personal wellbeing, community change and leadership skills for the individual and collective move to greater Self understanding in an interconnected and intercommunicative world.







Facilitator Mark Skelding brings experience in group facilitation, activism, ecopsychology, psychosynthesis and social change.








Okuti Garden, a very particular re-enchanting of the world, is the living vison of garden visionary Jane Rogers and environmental educator James Mullins. Together they have created a living environment that invites community, connection and creativity.


Okuti Garden Eco-Stay,
Okuti Valley, Little River.
Car: 50 minutes Christchurch
Bus: to Little River - we will meet you.
Mostly shared accomodation
Thurs 6pm – Sunday 2pm:
Single: $380.00 - Couples: $700.00
To Register: click here
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