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 "It is not by being abstract intellects that we are going to fall in love again with the rest of nature. It's by beginning to honor and value our direct sensory experience: the tastes and smells in the air, the feel of the wind as it caresses the skin,
the feel of the ground under our feet as we walk upon it... is text, and meaning is found everywhere
david abram

Spirit of the Course


Roberto Assagioli, founder of psychosyntheis,

described the ideal approach to life and learning

as "an open, fluid, elastic, experiential basis - a constant adventure".  

In that spirit, the FiRE programme is delivered in a series of 3hr sessions which generally involve encountering and exploring a potential by way of:

    - the spark: the energy, that invites meaning; 

    - the flame: ourselves, the place where meaning is made;  

    - the fire: the world, the space where meaning evolves; and

    - the transformation: experience, expression, participation.

The pace is relaxed and informal, allowing an easy flow between imagination, introspection, interaction, creativity and movement. Participants can expect movement processes inside and outside the room, as well as times of sharing and reflection.

You can anticipate a group of around 12-14 people.  


FiRE: Course Details and Admin

Elements of the Course


Friday evening - 7pm - 10pm:

Building the shared space

            - welcoming: who's here and what have we come to?

            - outline and background to weekend

            - entering the field: experiential model

Saturday - 9am - 5pm:

What's alive?

           - body, feelings, mind: the conversation of "place that matters"

           - will and world: trap, battleground, lover, Self?

           - from grief and shadow to guidance and depth

                                         (includes breaks)

Sunday - 9.30am - 5.30pm:

Connections of a radical Nature

          - what is seeking to emerge

          - Purpose and Ground: holding and being held 

          - next steps 

 (includes breaks)

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