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About: therapy - in person/online

Some people approach these sessions in order to address a specific issue or problem they are facing, or for a sort of psychological "tune-up", whilst others see them more like a series of private tutorials to perhaps the most remarkable process in the Universe - Mind. 

Whatever calls you along, Psychosynthesis can offer useful perspective and "disidentification" on the complex and sometimes confusing processes going on inside us. It has been called "a psychology with Soul", which reflects its recognition and honouring of the most meaningful dimensions of our lives. And it has also been called "a Psychotherapy of Love", which the sense of release and  aliveness available to us as we bring a sense of compassion - and even playfulness - to accepting all of who we may be.

Sessions are usually an hour long, with the last few moments spent considering any ongoing tasks or practice, and deciding the next time to meet. Generally, I suggest that if the first session seems to have the right "fit" for you, we agree to meet 2 or 3 times more, and then review how things are going.

Support and Supervision:

I offer support and reflective supervision to anyone working professionally or in a voluntary capacity with others and groups. As well as working with counsellors, therapists and psychologists, I have supported eco-spiritual activists, social support workers, community group managers, governance groups and more.


I, in turn, am delighted to have formal supervision for my work from Molly Young Brown, as well as valuing the wide range of collaborative work and rich dialogue that she and I have continued over many years. A Psychosynthesis practitioner and guide for most of her life and an acclaimed writer (including Growing Whole: Self-realisation for the Great Turning and Coming Back to Life), Molly is also a teacher and facilitator for the Work That Reconnects


Molly’s 1999 paradigm-shifting monograph “Ecopsychosynthesis: Meeting the Crises of our Times” invited reflections from other guides. The resulting slim volume “Refections on Ecopsychosynthesis” remains a beacon for those of us seeking to integrate and unfold our inner experience within the wider, participative, emergent, living communion.

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Venue or Virtual

Mark is part of the Madrona Integrative Health Clinic in Ganges, Salt Spring. For personal sessions you can book online - here. Or, you may prefer to contact the team at Reception, by calling: (250) 931 1334.


Mark has been working online since 2006, and, of course, the recent pandemic has made virtual meeting a far more familiar process.


Mark currently meets people from Australia, Aotearoa/New Zealand, and the Sth Pacific Islands. Situated in Pacific Time, he is well-placed seeing people during GMT afternoons and Australasian mornings. (To see the current time in Salt Spring, click here).

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