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Anthropologist and psychologist Gregory Bateson said:
"The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people thi
nk”. Psychosynthesis describes one way in which nature thinks.…

Being, Belonging and Becoming - Introducing Psychosynthesis

Assagioli recognised that just as the body has its natural processes of growing and co-ordination, including a tendency towards healing, so to do our emotions, minds and spirit. He called this process a “psycho synthesis" and realised that when this process gets stuck or stalled we tend to get caught up in less helpful patterns of understanding the world, ourselves and how to be.


Whilst Freud’s psycho-analysis was useful in giving insight into what might be happening TO us, Assagioli realised that life also happens THROUGH us, that there are patterns to this, and that our psyches are not “out to get us”! By becoming aware of these patterns, and how they serve and limit our participation, we can develop skills and practices that align and support our human tendency towards integration and wholeness – Being, Belonging and Becoming - and learn from what sometimes appear to be blocks or short-comings. 

Assagioli's work connected and inspired many of the "rock stars" and theories of 20th century psychology - including Jung, Maslow, and Grof, and currently his work has been acknowledged by Dick Swartz's Internal Family Systems and trauma theorists like Janina Fisher. Indeed, the notion that trauma is the interruption to a process of integration and healing after a disturbing event is a way of approaching the psycho synthesis way of thinking.

In these times of uncertainty, social division and eco-climatic disruption the powerful yet accessible approach of Psychosynthesis can help a deeper understanding of and engagement with the rich opportunities of our time drawing on insight from diverse fields such as physics, biology and neuroscience.

Experiential Courses

Essentials of Psychosynthesis

An experiential inquiry into the heights and depths of aliveness and relationship.

Held over 2 weekends. this 6 day course offers a group of participants a range of opportunities to gain fuller understanding of themselves and their potential as "a centre of consciousness and will".

Participants will learn the dynamics of holding a point of tension with their experience in order to build insight and access more choice. They will learn how to channel creativity to address blocks an uncertainty, and how to approach disowned aspects of themselves in order to benefit from new perspectives, or a dfuller recognition of their needs, and how to meet them. And much more.

Next Essentials courses -

Ganges, early 2023; mid-2023.

Cost: $500; early bird $450

Psychosynthesis Integration Year

The Integration Year is a journey through the seasons, recognising the rhythms and cycles of our bodies, the year, our lives and the long patterns of time. With the support of a small cohort of fellow adventurers, participants in this experiential programme will get to recognise and reflect on the various ways in which we all structure and contour our lives - not always intentionally.


As part of the course, students will be able to share in insightful processes to develop spontaneity, appropriate boundary keeping, clearer communication in regards needs, relationship skills, and the art of holding personal space and presence whilst being open to the needs and presence of others, and the wider world.

Sometimes deeply reflective, sometimes hugely interactive, the Integration Year is a rewarding, enriching, relational and often laughter-filled process of self-realisation and affirmation

Integration Year: participants must have completed an Essentials Course. The year long course will have a minimum of 10 participants. The next course is likely to begin in early Fall 2023.
The cost, for the 10 weekends, is likely to be $2800, with $2000 for early registration.

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