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Psychosynthesis, sustainability, deep ecology, social action, collective perceptions of change, and personal resilience

"...if Self is defined a singular noun, the planet is cooked. But if we can be really creative, collectively, and find a way that Self is a plural verb, that kids are raised to know that "I am more than me, I am connected to you, and I am part of we”.. " there can be different outcomes because we don't have to scare people into action which doesn't work...."                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dan Siegal:  neuropsychiatrist, at 2011 Climate, Mind, Behavior Conference

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Join me for an informal walk and conversation in the stunning Rocky Mountains of Alberta. My friend, the film-maker Kim Saltarski, has captured a very personal reflection of how eco-anxiety may be one of the most important evolutionary drivers of our times. It's a casual, intimate reflective journey -
.........   and sometimes just a little clumsy!

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Film (13.53)

Work that reconncts

The Work That Reconnects is based on the work and learnings of Joanna Macy, one of the pillars of Deep Ecology.  The work is a spiral journey through four stages: Coming from Gratitude, Honouring our Pain for the World, Seeing with New & Ancient Eyes, and Going Forth. Each of these stages leads naturally to the next. The journey transforms feelings of helplessness or fear in the face of the undeniable feedback from our planetary systems. By feeling and engaging our interconnected experiences, we discover first hand that we are larger, stronger, more creative and more alive than we knew.

work that reconnects

The next Self and World interpretation of the Work That Reconnects will be in 2023.
For details of this weekend course course, please click here.

For information on other Work That Reconnects courses, please go to the WTR site here

Self       World 


a 5-weekend course exploring purpose, participation 

and place in a dynamic , communicative world

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