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Self and World

Surrounded by feedback and bad news from the overstretched world we live in, its easy to feel lonely, worn out, disillusioned, sad, locked in old patterns, or condemned by our personal biography – and alienated from the vibrancy and flow of life.

But ...

what if the world is encouraging us towards new patterns, different opportunities,and alternative experiences?

And ...

what if its well-being and our own depend on our participating meaningfully and whole-heartedly in the bountiful flow of being alive?

What might we need to be able to trust in a radical nature?

Our own -

And that which we are part?

Self and World 

Drawing from science, psychology, story-telling and myth, the course is an experiential, personal, ecological and joyful discovery that almost everything we have believed was just a place-holder.


Whether we refer to Psyche's way, Gaia's way, Soul's way or something else entirely, we are speaking to the way that life waits patiently for us to get steady, catch up, come home, and "get with the programme". Not to do so risks the increasing turbulence of our times, the destruction of the biosphere, rising violence, totalitarianism and inequity, personal pain, discomfort and distress, and the catastrophic "missing" of a remarkable moment in the 14 billion year story of evolution.

This 5 weekend experiential course understands that relationship - with ourselves, each other, and, especially, the rhythms, patterns and cycles of our planet systems - is the basis of sustainability, personal and social well-being and resilience.

Of A Radical Nature:

Self and World
[element: earth]

What is this "radical nature"?  How do you experience the call? And how do you answer? 


This first weekend offers an experiential overview of key themes of the course, including - 

Connecting to radical nature as self- empowerment.  

What grounds and supports us in this?  How do we take action that expresses our highest ideals and collective vision without becoming disappointed, stressed, or getting that "too little, too late" feeling?

Engaging feedback and transforming grief/shadow/overwhelm to guidance, insight, purpose and action.

From this context, the following 4 themes will be engaged and explored later in the year (dates TBA}


Self       World 

Psychosynthesis, sustainability, deep ecology, social action, collective perceptions of change, and personal resilience

Out of the Darklands:

Life After Dark:

Reframing the Feedback

[element: air]

World as Self:

Being and Becoming the Change  [element: water]

and Intention:
The Participatory Turn - 
On the ground:

Earth, Air, Water, Fire … and You: Elemental Leadership   [element: fire]         

Heart, Hands, and Global Mind:

Being Your Place [element: sky]

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